Worship: remembering and rehearsing the Story

In worship , the story of who God is and what God has done is told from creation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the end of the age. First and foremost, authentic worship is a response to God’s action in our world— past, present, and future.
— The Covenant Book of Worship

We meet every Sunday at 4:30pm at the historic and incredibly hospitable First Christian Church downtown.

Join us at 1314 SW Park Ave. Portland, OR 97201

Free parking in the garage on Jefferson between Broadway and Park.

Our communion set was handcrafted in Iowa and is a gift from our partner congregation St. Johns Covenant Church


Worship is the regular, weekly moment where we gather together as one community for fellowship, communion, reflection, prayers and offerings. 

At Christ Church we sing songs ancient and modern, knowing we are part of a global story, unfolding in our very midst. You can expect a casual yet, intentional - thoughtful gathering of people on various stages of the journey. We worship to give our devotion to God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, and to seek the ways of God for our world today. For us, worship is about not only a moment to reflect and re-center our lives but to remember the Good News and it's power to inspire change persons and cultures even today.