The Satan, Balaam & the ass

the satan balaam & the ass

In her book "A Circle of Quiet," Madeleine L'Engle writes "Like it or not, we either add to the darkness of indifference and out-and-out evil which surrounds us or we light a candle to see by."
I think real deal evil is all around us. When it comes to babies being snatched from their loved one's arms and put into detention centers or when it's addiction dragging our loved ones down in a sea of despair, we see a tragic denial of human flourishing.

The Jesus story goes like this: there is an immense amount of darkness in the world, but there is a light that shines brighter, and a love that is bigger than anything in its way. 
To put it differently: when it comes to following Jesus, it's not a fair fight for evil - because love wins, the stone has been rolled away and resurrection life has the final word!

So what do we do with Satan and the idea of the devil in our Scriptures? Faithful people for millennia have had a lot of different ways to approach this odd adversarial character - and we're going to dive right in and talk about it so that we might talk about how we as a people might deal with the real deal devils in our midst.