Order Disorder Reorder

When you're a child there's something magical about the way some Bible stories are taught. Seven day creation? It's a profound poetic flourish that can help inspire further imagination. But then we grow up and must deconstruct those myths... and hopefully put them back together anew again.

That’s what Richard Rohr is talking about when he talks about the pattern of order, disorder and reorder. We need those containers - but when we outgrow them, as we inevitably do as we mature and expand, then what?

Deconstruction works. But it’s not enough.

So like Humpty Dumpty needing to be put back together again, we’ll be journeying through a commitment to reorder.
Join us this Fall on a journey of Reorder as we look to continue following in the footsteps of Jesus for us and others. #churching #portland #progressive #spirituality #inclusive

Koinonia Fellowship


Looking around the broader church, it often feels like people want to go backwards to a glorious past. When it comes to Jesus folks, however, we aren’t trying to get back to some perfect past in the 1950s or 50 AD. What we’re doing is faithfully walking with the Christ into the unfolding hope and promise of the future. It’s a two steps forward one step back journey down the spiral way. 

Which means as we stand on the shoulders of those saints that have gone before us - in our own lives and in the global community - we carry forward the best parts of our shared tradition, while also packing lightly for the journey ahead.

Change / Growth / Community w/ Brit Barron

Brit Barron, pastor at New Abbey in Los Angeles and Spiritual Director of The Christian Closet, spent the weekend in Portland with her wife Sami. Sharing time with them was an incredible gift to our community and Brit’s message encourages us about our role in the healing and repair of our world - right here and now.

Keep up with Brit on britbarron.com and Instagram

Two by Two

Original painting by Georges Roualt

Original painting by Georges Roualt

Jesus sent his friends out two by two to turn the world upside down in order to invite it to get rightside-up. Sure, it was all about big ideas like love, healing and inclusion, but it was worked out in the small ordinariness of life together. That’s the thing about this whole Christ story, it’s about community and action going hand in hand. Join us this Sunday at 11am as we kick off our new series, “Ubuntu: I am because we are.”