Episode 12: Fred Davie, Executive Vice President at Union Theological Seminary

Fred Davie

“Fred Davie is Executive Vice President at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. An ordained Presbyterian minister, Fred has lived out his vocation in the public square through a myriad of ways, including serving in faith based and community efforts with President Barack Obama and Mayor Bill DeBlasio. We sat down in his office at Union Seminary and talked about our work together with Union for Affirming Christians, as well as what resilience looks like amidst the resistance.”

Episode 11: Truth, T-Shirts & Clarity: a conversation with George Mekhail

“This one is about truth and t—shirts — well at least the one George Mekhail showed up wearing this week. George Mekhail is co-founder and Executive Director of Church Clarity, a crowdsourced database that scores churches in order to create a new standard for clearly communicated LGBTQ and Women in leadership policies. He’s one of the best guys I know and I think you’ll dig this convo.”

Public Theology 10- Suffer the Children (immigration)

Familias Unidas

Families separated at the border. A raging debate about about what the Bible says about authorities and immigrants. Jesus said “suffer the children” but these days it feels like we are causing more suffering to children. What does the Bible say about God’s passion for immigrants and what is going on with US policy? Adam jumps right in here in Public Theology.

Jesus Was Houseless


As advent beings and the first freezing nights in Portland's winter arrive we talk about homelessness and those living outside, the housing crisis in Portland and how we can serve and advocate for our neighbors.

This month Julia Nielsen and Andy Goebel from Portsmouth Union Church joined us to share their story of churching alongside houseless neighbors, starting a warming shelter and the long path they are on to build affordable housing on their church property.

Special guest Gus Kroll also joined us from Home PDX, to share about their work but also to join in this incredibly important conversation.