Jesus Was Houseless


As advent beings and the first freezing nights in Portland's winter arrive we talk about homelessness and those living outside, the housing crisis in Portland and how we can serve and advocate for our neighbors.

This month Julia Nielsen and Andy Goebel from Portsmouth Union Church joined us to share their story of churching alongside houseless neighbors, starting a warming shelter and the long path they are on to build affordable housing on their church property.

Special guest Gus Kroll also joined us from Home PDX, to share about their work but also to join in this incredibly important conversation.


Climate Change Is Real: A Faith Rooted Response


"It's all gonna burn anyways." Raise your hand if you've heard this from someone in or near church before. The thing is, it actually is burning and this is not God's original dream for our earth. We each are called to "serve and protect" God's beautiful earth. Join us for our monthly Bible study in a bar - we'll be in the upper room at Century. Grab a pint or a ginger ale and some nachos and lean in with us as we look at integrated, holistic opportunities to care for creation and love our neighbors.

Being a Christian in America