moving into a new chapter

Our next season is all about seeing God at work through amazing people. For the past two years we’ve been nesting and incubating downtown at historic First Christian Church. It’s been a real gift to gather here and grow. Our outreach to the city was in large part because of this safe space to be. It’s because of the faith of so many people that we’ve been able to grow. Our small groups, our outreach to our friends and neighbors, and our children’s ministry continue to grow.

With deep gratitude and a real sense of purpose, we are now looking for a new space to gather and continue to grow. We know we are called to be an inclusive and active congregation in the city. We look to be a faith community that cares deeply about ending racism, homelessness, standing with our lgbtq friends as well as welcoming for immigrants and refugees in our midst. 

For us this is all about integrating body and soul, contemplation and action. 

Will you join us in this work? We’re looking for community partners and your ideas about where we should relocate. In order for us to get to this next chapter we’re asking for your time, your talents, and your financial contributions.

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Ways to join us

  • Be present - we have weekly gatherings on Sunday morning, our monthly Public Theology sessions and small groups meeting all over the city. The greatest gift you could give Christ Church is your presence.
  • Get the word out - We're actively looking for space to hold our weekly worship gatherings. We'll need a large open area for 100-150 people and separate space to have children's classes and nursery. We're open to just about everything although we want to stay as close to downtown as we can manage. Don't hesitate to reach out if you've got an idea, you can DM us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or you can email:
  • We're also actively searching for a new staff member to join us - if you know someone who's longing to help lead a church where all people means all people we'd love to listen to them. This would be perfect for someone who is currently in seminary and would be open to joining us on our journey! Women, people of color and folks in the LGBTQ community strongly encouraged. Email to talk more about working together.
  • Pray for us - We need all the help we can get and if you can pray and believe with us we're confident in God's provision for Chapter Three of our story churching together.
  • Giving financially - as you can tell we've got dreams and those dreams start to add up into dollars quickly. Your gifts go directly to funding staff, paying rent and serving the people of Portland. Every dollar means so much to people who desperately need to hear that they are loved, accepted and included by God with no caveats or exceptions.