We gather on Sundays*

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*Except on a few occasions…

We love to gather for reflection, prayer, intentionality and song in community on Sunday’s at 11am. And yet there are the odd occasions when we feel as a new open, active & inclusive community we take time off on Sunday’s to be with oneself, family, friends, and our city.

Christ Church historically has taken off Pride Sunday and the Sunday after Christmas.

We’re expanding that to a few other key Sunday’s around holidays and moments of intention to give our volunteers and staff planned breaks and opportunities to be with others.

We have a plan in place to make sure any newcomers and visitors know we are taking off a specific Sunday - and we’ll have updates on our online platforms.

Mark your calendars - and find ways to “church” with one another in and around the city.

We’ll be off these Sundays in 2019:

  • September 1 — Labor Day weekend

  • October 13 — Indigenous People’s Day weekend

  • November 10 — Veteran’s Day weekend

  • December 29 - New Year’s Day weekend

We may provide suggestions of ways to mark these weekends - but we’re also looking for community-sourced suggestions and meetups! Be sure to share widely.