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We take Pride seriously. And we have fun.

Whether it's your first Pride parade or your 12th, it's powerful to join in with chosen family and declare God's love and inclusion for all.


Come celebrate Pride with us! Join us, after service on June 17th we will be marching in Portland’s annual Pride parade.  We’ve ordered some amazing T-Shirts that will be available for $10 after service on June 10th. More details regarding ride coordination, a sign-making party, and BUBBLES. 

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This tradition started in 2015 when Rev. Adam and his wife Sarah walked in their first ever Pride parade, apologizing for the awful things people have done to the LGBTQ community in the name of God. That story went viral around the world and back again.

And so every year, we continue that tradition of boldly stepping out and saying All People! are loved. That's exactly our theme this year - ALL PEOPLE!

Every Sunday at the communion table we ask outlaid again "Who is welcome at God's table." And we answer back, "All people!" It's a little bit of liturgy we picked up from our dear friend Rev. Amy Piatt and continue on to this day.