Off to Iona


Our pastor Adam Phillips is off on an exciting pilgrimage. Here's a note from him below:

Iona Pilgrimage

I'm off to Iona - one of the oldest Christ-centered communities in Europe, founded by the Irish monk Columba and a small group of friends in the 6th century. If you've ever seen the Book of Kells, an incredibly gorgeous illustrated 8th century collection of the Gospels, it was likely made there.

I'll be in an intensive course on Celtic Spirituality with John Philip Newell. It's all because of a generous scholarship awarded by his organization Heartbeat. 

It's a bit hard to leave Sarah and Desmond for a bit but we both know it's important for one another to travel to these types of things from time to time (Sarah just got back from a Mindfulness conference in NYC - ask her about screens!). We're grateful for family and friends helping out with Desmond, too.

In other ways, it's the perfect time for this journey. Four years ago we started Christ Church with the simple conviction that now was the time to dig back into ancient ways in order to live out loud the inclusive, holistic Jesus-way with others for the common good. I'm grateful for the break and time to rejuvenate. I'm grateful for the wonderful staff team in Elsa, Isaac and Joshua. And I'm grateful for the move ahead we have in June and how we've all joined in together to invest in our shared life together. We've got some really exciting things coming in the Fall which we can't wait to share with everyone, soon.

Until then...

ps. if you'd like to hear John Philip Newell talk about the things we're going to be talking about next week, check out this podcast!