A different kind of church looking for a new location


We're trying to follow in the ways of Jesus. We know - how crazy is that? Especially when more than half of American Christians (including 81% Evangelicals - people like some of our neighbors, family and friends) voted for a man that's best known for bad reality TV, horrible online bullying, misogyny and terrible, frightening policies that are hellbent on exclusion rather than the common good.

But we just cannot shake this Jesus thing - in fact, we think he has a fresh, ancient bit of wisdom for days like these. 

We're a new church looking for a new location on Sundays. Do you have any ideas?

We're a different kind of church. We believe that love is love is love. So much so, that we were kicked out of our Evangelical denomination for LGBTQ inclusion. We're fiercely committed to social justice and dismantling white supremacy. We believe everyone has a right to healthcare and a home, no matter if you have the right papers or not. We're pro-immigrant, pro-refugee, pro-science and absolutely pro-women in all levels of leadership. In fact, we're ready for Herstory to be told.

We're deeply committed to interfaith acts of kindness and neighborliness, and know that our Muslim friends have some wisdom to share with us as well.

So who are we?

Rev. Adam Phillips with Rep. John Lewis on a recent Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Rev. Adam Phillips with Rep. John Lewis on a recent Civil Rights Pilgrimage

We're a growing church of spiritual seekers who are looking for wisdom, ways to breathe, and ways to belong in days like these. Some of us happen to be gay. Some of us happen to be straight. Some of our most committed volunteers are trans. We are Portland. We believe in this city, we believe in all people, and we believe that the journey ahead is full of wonder, goodness, doubt and struggle. And we're here for it.

We need a location on Sunday mornings from 9-Noon. We have a bunch of kids and more on the way, so we need space for them as well. We'd love decent parking and public transit. And we'd love to partner with people who might be in alignment with our core values of Equality, Inclusion, Relationships, Hope & Perseverance.

Watch our struggle for inclusion at TEDx

You can hear more about our story over at TEDxThe AtlanticOPBthe Oregonian, the Washington Post, and Huffington Post. Our Pastor Adam Phillips also posts regularly over at Medium.

You can also find us on the first Monday of the month over at Century Bar for Public Theology. And sometimes friends of ours like Rob Bell, Jim Wallis, Jenny Yang, Paula Williams and others show up at our quarterly Bridgetown Forum which are city-wide conversations for the common good.

If you know or have a space in mind for us, we'd love to hear about it. We need to find a new location by Sunday June 3rd! Namaste.