"Right Now!" Here's why John gives...

We're featuring stories from those right here on the ground helping build our community at Christ Church. This week we feature John Pfeil, who grew up in evangelical church and schools in Southern California, served in mission and development in Uganda, and now calls Portland home...

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Last week, Halloween got me thinking about the more sinister parts of white Evangelicalism right now. A better name for these might be “Frankensteinian Christianity.”

I recently came across this article on Time.com about recent events in Charlottesville and it got me thinking how much a community like Christ Church is needed. 

I found this quote from Brian McLaren particularly inspiring:

“Aristotle was right. Nature indeed abhors a vacuum. If we don’t provide emerging generations with genuine identity, community and purpose through robust and vibrant spiritual communities, somebody else will do so. If good religion slumbers and stagnates, bad religion is the alternative.” 

He’s right.

I give to Christ Church because we need open, active & inclusive communities like ours right now. I’m so proud to be part of building this community together in Portland.

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