More Than Enough: Reflections from Darsey

We're featuring stories from those right here on the ground helping build our community at Christ Church. This week we feature Darsey Landoe, who has been an active member of our community for the last two years, a small business owner and wonderful designer. Darsey created our lovely art for our current sermon series through the Apostle Paul.

Darsey reflects below on last Sunday's message, which you can listen to here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.43.40 AM.png

Today was the first time I'd really connected the dots between personal scarcity issues (that nagging fear I have to collect/protect what's mine) and our human/instinctual fear of others. If I always need just a little more, and am afraid I might lose what I've worked hard to earn, then I might look to others who feel the same way to band together and defend the collective "us" against the ever-impending threat of "them." It's everywhere. It's what everything boils down to right now. It's what makes us scared of each other. It's what makes you afraid of me. It's why I'm tense all the time. It's why none of us can sleep.

Then again, if I give my time, money, possessions, considerations to others, if I do it joyfully with loosened fists because we're all cut from the same cloth and connected by dust and blood and story, if I do it because I am part of you and you are part of me, and we're in this together, and we all do better when all our needs are met, and because I am sometimes the one in need and sometimes the giver, wow. If I share what I have, despite my scarcity issues, in spite of my fear, stubbornly in the face of my "us" for the sake of my "them," yes. If we unclench our fists and let it all run through our fingers, huh. If we grasp just how much "enough" we have, how abundantly "enough" our circumstances are, how our "more than enough" might cancel out to someone's need, sheesh.

Where would fear retreat if we recognized our abundance? Could we put fear to rest? Could we look at each other, "us" and "them" in joy and love? Wow. Wow.

What are you so afraid of?

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