everybody forgiving everybody for everything

"Forgiveness is the journey we take towards healing ourselves and healing our world."

- Desmond Tutu


When you experience forgiveness, you experience something utterly divine.

It's rare, though, isn't it?

We live in a world of held grudges and unaddressed conflicts that just pile up. They weigh us down and wear us out. Why do we choose to live this unbearable suffering?

Someone once asked Jesus how many times he must forgive someone who had wronged him. Thinking seven times for forgiveness would be enough, he was shocked to hear Jesus tell him that he must forgive as much as seventy-seven times.


This was Jesus' way of saying "as long as it takes."

That's a tall order.

Starting September 13th, we'll lean into "Forgiveness" for our Autumn series. We'll be joined by special guests, receive practical teaching from folks who have lived authentic lives of hard peace, and see how to live as people and in a community about forgiveness.