The Great Journey: announcing our next sermon series

Come with me and I’ll teach you how to be fishers of people!” Jesus had some interesting ways to talk about what he was talking about. Essentially, when it comes to following in the ways of Jesus, it’s more easily “caught than taught.” These next four Sundays (with a Super Bowl Sunday break in between) we’ll be diving deeper into what the great journey of faith and action look like. As the prophet Micah once said, it’s equal parts doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with the Divine. It’s about invitations to friends, it’s about feeding the hungry, it’s about certain ways of understanding things, rolling up our sleeves & sometimes it’s about dusting off our sandals. The great journey with God and with one another is more than just right thinking or right beliefs… it’s about a new way of living. We hope you can join us - and invite others!

When: January 18, 25 & February 8 & 15 at 4:30pm

Where: 65 NE Stanton St. (Friends of the Children

Who: Christ Church: Portland and YOU (for more info visit:  

Artwork: John August Swanson “The Great Catch”