Everyone [yes, everyone]: Announcing our first worship gathering

Join us for our first worship gathering on September 14th at 4:30pm at Friends of the Children. [parking and entrance is located at 65 NE Stanton, between MLK and Williams]

Worship is the place where we gather weekly not only to pause, not only for community, not only for spirituality - but root our approach to our whole life together.

Looking at the life of Jesus, you see him always associating with the bruised, the broken, the left out, the troubling, the wrong folks altogether. In the Scriptures these folks are typically described as "sinners." And it is true - they were sinners (just like the rest of us!). People of faith then as in today are too often known for pointing the finger and putting fences around the holy things of God instead of breaking down barriers that exclude people. That’s not the way of Jesus.

We live in an age that's forgotten the inclusive, intentional ways of Jesus. So many folks want to drive people out or leave certain others behind, excluding people based on what they look like or who they are. And then there are the very subtle, but powerful ways, we exclude others in our communities - equally an injustice.

We hope to reclaim the inclusive ways of Jesus at Christ Church. We hope you can join us for our first preview service. Bring your kids, bring your friends, bring a neighbor, include a stranger! There’ll be a place at the table for everyone.