Celebrating four months! Here's how you can help us over the next twenty-four...

Four months ago we started Christ Church with the hope of being a new congregation in the city for God's glory & neighbor's good.

That "&" is incredibly important.

As we've been gathering, hoping, dreaming and praying together as a core team, we've asked ourselves what it might look like to be a church about faith & social justice. 

About action & contemplation.

To be a people in prayer, worship & in service to others.

I couldn't be more encouraged.

We've gathered for over a dozen "Mesa" gatherings - our small group Sunday afternoons where we meet around table for spirited conversation. It's been a tremendous blessing to see how new friends are going so deep, so soon. We've dug into the Sermon on the Mount and the Parables as we've had folks share, with real vulnerability, their hopes and heartaches, as well.

We've hosted a gathering and facilitated conversations with neighborhood partners and elected leaders to discern what our church plant's role might be in fighting homelessness and hunger in Portland. I've also just joined the Board for the Institute for Christian & Muslim Understanding.

We have a new meeting space at Portland's incredibly respected and successful mentoring organization, Friends of the Children. Their headquarters is actually in a wonderfully remodeled historic Catholic high school, so it's not only a fantastic space but really fits our vibe.

And we've had lots of fun. Between our Easter Eggs & Ales event, our World Cup watch parties and our upcoming BBQs, I can't think of a more fun group to be with.

Planting a church is no small task. And while we’re receiving support from the Evangelical Covenant Church, we had the unfortunate news that due to financial challenges our funding would be cut by some $30,000 - mere months before we got under way.

We could use your help.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do today:

1) Be prayerful. Be mindful. It’s summer, so, hey, even send us some Good Vibrations.

It's incredibly important to have people in our corner, lifting us up in prayer. To know that friends near and far are with us is foundational to who we are and what we hope to become.  Stay connected to our comings and goings online, our email list, or shoot me an email at adam[at]christchurchpdx[dot]org if you'd like to learn specific things you can lift up. If you're in the area, let's be sure to meet up for a meal or perhaps one of our regular gatherings.

2) Give financially to Christ Church.

We need to make up our fundraising gap. Even though we're in good shape for the year ahead, it's year two and three that we want to be ready for. Your one time gift or monthly commitment would go a long way to help us get on our feet. I've been extremely encouraged by our core team's early commitment to tithing - and I mean, for many folks a full 10% tithe. When most American church-goers give less than 3% to their local church, we're incredibly blessed by committed givers. And yet, every bit we can do to make up our fundraising needs for start up costs, building rental and seed money for new ministry initiatives now rather than later will help us become the church we feel we are called to be.

Learn how you can give directly to Christ Church here or give online by clicking the "Donate"


3) Help share our story

Know anyone in Portland or moving to Portland looking for a church like ours? Make sure we connect. And do continue to share our posts on Facebook as well as our website. 

When Sarah and I jumped in our car and moved west some 2,806 miles to Portland, we had very little idea what would be in store: we only had a glimmer of something hopeful.

This past year we couldn’t ask for anything better. Sarah’s job leading on teacher effectiveness with the Oregon Department of Education has been the perfect fit. We’re embarking on our 13th year of marriage with much joy and anticipation of the future, and we find ourselves in the middle of an incredible, new community.

Stay tuned as we continue through the summer and gear up for our Fall launch of weekly worship. And look for updates on our Core Team members in this space - our co-conveners and planters in Christ Church.

Thanks for your time.... thanks for your commitment, and thanks for your support!