Setting sail...

setting sail

Who wants to go to church these days? What if we re-imagined, instead, what it looks like to be the church?

Jesus never asked anyone to check in for a couple hours on a Sunday, say some prayers, sing some songs and have a decent cup of coffee with the same people every week. He asked people to gather together and be about his business.

We live in extraordinary days. Full of immense beauty and possibility, yet fraught with challenging questions, continued struggles and brokenness. In a similar context, Jesus went about his days nearly 2000 years ago gathering the least, the lost, the lonely, the over-scheduled, the busy, the “too important,” the odd ducks, the creative types, the foodies, the bureaucrats, the over stimulated, the bummed out, the enthusiastic and women and men alike from all walks of life for community that mattered. Oh: there were no easy answers &  there was plenty to do. 

But most important was the being part. 

So, ask yourself what might it be like to belong to a community that mattered?

We’re starting Christ Church here in Portland because we think the way of Jesus is not only the way of the ancient past, but the way of the now and ever present future. 

Community matters. City matters. People-matters. Each-of-us matters. As we say, all of this matters for God’s glory & neighbor’s good.

And along the way we’ll break bread, sing songs, pray prayers ancient & modern, roll up our sleeves, share some decent coffee and meet on Sundays…  starting now. Hope you can join us for the journey!

Upcoming events:

June 1st Mesa: Parables III | 4p @ Friends*

June 5th Vision meeting | 6:30-8:30p @ St. Johns Covenant Church

June 15th Mesa: “Marks” I | 4p

June 29th Mesa: “Marks” II | 4p @ Friends*

July 6th BBQ - Peninsula Park 

July 20th  Mesa: “Marks” III | 4p @ Friends*

August 17th Mesa: “Marks” IV | 4p

August 24th BBQ - Location TBD

September 1st BBQ - Dawson Park

September 14th First “preview” worship

September 28th Mesa “Marks” V

October 19th Second “preview” worship

*Friends of the Children - 65 NE Stanton just off N. Williams.