Conversations around ending homelessness in Portland

Only two months in to Christ Church getting underway and it is clear to us that joining in on the fight against homelessness is one of the important ways we can seek God's glory & neighbor's good. 

We can't do it alone, however. Working with other partner groups and elected leaders is what it means to partner well in seeking the common good. That's why we were excited to join in with  Portland Homeless Family Solutions and Deborah Kafoury, former Multnomah County Commissioner and candidate for Multnomah County Chair.

Deborah shared the county's role and responsibility in the city and county-wide to help our most vulnerable neighbors. What was inspiring is that, when it comes to fighting homeless, she shared that government can't do it alone, either.

We also heard from Brandi Tuck, executive director at PHFS, and her inspiring vision not just to fight homelessness in the city but to seek sustainable housing solutions.

Working alongside visionary groups like PHFS is one innovative way that government leaders, non-profit organizations and faith communities like ours can partner together to do a greater good. It's exciting to imagine how Christ Church might be involved.