Kennedy School: ground breaking, planting seeds that will one day grow!

What an incredible event last week! In the Parsons at the Kennedy School we were able to cast vision for a new Christ-centered community that welcomed and included all on the journey for God’s glory & neighbor’s good. We shared dreams, hopes and prayers for the new year, together. We had an in-depth time for Q+A. Most importantly, we had fun: we had pints, hummus and good tunes, what more can you ask?

One friend described the event as “that ground breaking thing where you take photos with gold shovels” - except we didn’t have the shovels. What we are hoping to do is gather a group of folks who are ready to go deeper together and more intentionally in the Rose City these coming months to plant seeds that will one day grow.

We have incredible partners in The Evangelical Covenant Church (our parent denomination), St. Johns Covenant Church (our partner church here in Portland), as well as so many friends looking to roll up their sleeves and help. We are thankful and anticipatory.

If you look at the Gospels, you see Jesus gathering a core group of 12 men and 7 women to seek first, what he described, as the kingdom of God. This kingdom of God was an upside down, right-side up reality on earth as “it is in heaven.” A place where body, soul, mind and spirit came together with others for good things like full stomachs, whole hearts, fair pay, beauty and belonging. Those women and men came from all walks of life and all sorts of different belief - yet, everyone had a place, everyone had a role to play.

When you hear the stories that these women and men shared with so many others,  you get the sense that Jesus kept things fairly simple: love God, love others. Whether our neighbor is down the street, riding with us on the Max, or across the ocean in the global village, the imperative is clear: the way we treat others is tantamount to the way we love God. At Christ Church we’ll be inviting everyone on this inclusive and active journey  because this, is in fact, “the way, the truth, and the life.” We hope you, your families, your friends, and strangers that will become friends, will help us gather this Christ-centered community this Spring, for God’s glory & neighbor’s good.

More events to come! Stay connected here and on social media to keep up to date! 

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