Adam in Sojourners: #BLACKLIVESMATTER post

In case you missed it, Adam wrote for Sojourner's God's Politics blog on the importance to join with our sisters and brothers and declaring that BLACK LIVES MATTER.




But these past couple weeks — these past four months, five months, 22 months? — it’s important that we stand with the ever-growing chorus and declare, yes, black lives matter. With the heartbreaking, soul-wrenching death of Michael Brown, the news just yesterday of another non-indictment in the death Eric Garner, or the dark night when Trayvon Martin was shot down in Florida, a chorus of voices has risen to declare with one voice and hashtag that #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

And yet, I’ve noticed on my social network feeds that many of my white sisters and brothers reply ALL LIVES MATTER. Yes, yes they do. But do my white sisters and brothers realize that in this very moment these microaggressions are like another death by a thousand Facebook posts?
— #BLACKLIVESMATTER: Why we need to stop replying ALL LIVES MATTER