What Child Is This? Advent continues...

Advent: What Child Is This?

This afternoon while I was enjoying my day off shots, were fired just a mere few blocks from our street. Four young people were seriously wounded at Rosemary Anderson High School - and Jefferson High School was put on lock down. Helicopters swarmed and sirens wailed while the shooter ran away.

We live in precious, vulnerable days. As we wait for the Christ child to be born in our midst again this Christmas, some of us our gathering to light candles, to pray prayers, to meditate, to sing. I hope you can join us this Sunday. We'll gather again at Friends of the Children (parking and entrance at 65 NE Stanton) at 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon. Invite a friend.

The old Christmas carol asks: "What child is this?" 
It's Jesus - who comes to be with us in all our mess. To love and serve and encourage us on.

Come, hear the story again.


ALSO: If you're up for a Sunday morning service, I'll be preaching at Irvington Covenant Church at 4046 NE MLK at 10am. ICC is an intentional multi-ethnic faith community and a sister church of ours in the Evangelical Covenant Church. I'm humbled to join them for worship this Sunday.