Immigration reform, faith and politics: Adam featured in Sojo and KBOO

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Every week I meet someone who’s just gotten off the modern-day Oregon Trail, moving here from California, Ohio, or the East Coast. I think in some ways we all come for the possibilities that we can “keep it weird,” as so many of our bumper stickers say, and live out progressive ideals like sustainability and inclusive community. For us, along with our micro-roasted coffee, cycling, and award-winning food trucks, this is part and parcel of the good life. But something is truly amiss in our progressive dreams if it is not a good life for everyone.

This past week I wrote a blog post for Sojourner's "God's Politics" blog, reflecting on the midterm elections, immigration reform, and Oregon's extremely weird version of progressive politics. You can read the entire post here: Read Adam's piece

That blog post led to an opportunity to join Celeste Carey and Cecil Prescod on their Monday morning KBOO 90.7FM program here in Portland for a 30 minute conversation on how we might be able to see true progress for the common good.

You can check out the full KBOO hour-long program, here: