You are the Light of the World: announcing our 2nd worship gathering

Join us for our 2nd ever worship gathering - Sunday October 12 at 4:30pm at 65 NE Stanton!

So many folks these days want to talk about problems and assign blame without looking for possibilities and solutions.

Theres’ the ancient story that faithful people have passed on for generations that talks about the Garden of Eden, a Snake, an Apple, a Man and a Woman, and some poor decisions. Some folks chalk it all up to old worn out myths while others think it proves that human beings are forever beyond the pale. That we as people are totally depraved, totally, wrong, and totally worthless.

The crazy thing is that God thinks we are totally worth it.

In fact, Jesus had a different take altogether on some of these ancient lessons. He doesn’t think we’re part of the problem at all. Jesus helps us see that we are part of the plan.

We (despite our failings, despite our missteps, despite the fact that we are human!) are actually salt & light. We are to be light in the darkness; we are to be salt for a world in need of healing. We’ll dive into this calling at our next worship gathering. Hope you can join us!

We meet at Friends of the Children (parking and church entrance at 65 NE Stanton - between MLK and N. Williams). Bring your kids, bring a friend, bring a neighbor... everyone [yes, everyone] is welcome.