What we're talking about when we're talking about Christ Church

Last week our core team gathered to reflect on last month's first worship gathering and share what we liked and also shared how we could improve for our next gathering (this Sunday! October 12th at 4:30pm!).

We were all mostly really excited about worshipping in the round and seeing the whites of each other's eyes as we listened to one another and God. We were also all mostly really excited about most of the music. And the kids parade. And the gluten free challah for communion.

But we were messy. We were imperfect. We didn't get a few things right.

We should've had someone at the "other" door making sure folks knew what was happening with kids. We should've put the drinks and snacks after church in the hallway outside the room we worship in because it would create better flow. The bulletin was great and super helpful but also a bit clunky with the music buried at the back. The chairs were more oval than circular. 

We'll try and make those improvements as we go this Sunday.

But what most excited me was a little exercise I call "text or message your friend(s) about Christ Church and why they might enjoy being part." Here's what a few of us shared:

  • "We're imperfect & messy but I think you'd really find the beauty in that."
  • "People are real, committed to expecting all people."
  • "We're a new church in NE! Community oriented + informal"
  • "We're just trying to figure out what following Jesus looks like today!"
  • "Joyful group! New meets old."
  • "You can experience worship with your whole family!"
  • "Just a group of people loving God & neighbor"

If you're free this Sunday at 4:30pm, do come. We'll be even better with you and yours!