About Christ Church: Portland

We're a new church taking root in Portland for God's glory & neighbor's good...

We are a new church in Portland doing our imperfect best to have the kind of faith, courage and room to be our imperfect best. Following in the way of Jesus, we hope to be a church that includes all (no matter who we are, what we think or where we come from) while trying to be focused on the things people of faith have been actively pursuing for thousands of years.

Namely, we think that the way of Jesus is about love, compassion & justice, that people and society can change & grow, and that to have centered, healthy lives we need to be about action & contemplation.

Some may call this holistic. Or integrated. Or progressive, we just think it is what it mean to be truly human. 

Our Ethos shapes who we are as an open, active & inclusive Christ-centered community. We are about these five core values because they are at the heart of who Jesus was and how he showed us to be truly human: Inclusion, Equality, Relationships, Hope & Perseverance.

We also think the Apostles Creed does a pretty good job of summing up the faith.

We are affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Oasis.